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Istanbul is the perfect city for culture and sightseeing lovers. Each corner hides something to discover and, without doubt, the kindness of its inhabitants will capture you from the first time.

There are some places you can not miss if you travel to this incredible city such as, for example, visit the Blue Mosque, a boat trip or visit one of the magnificent Turkish baths that can be found in Istanbul.

Touristic attractions

Hagia Sophia: Turkish people call it Ayasofya and it is symbol of the city. It is located in the highest point of the city with its 4 minarets and its dome sizes 30 metres of diameter. The inside of the basilica has an incalculable architectonical value.

Blue Mosque: it has 6 minarets and a dome of 23 metres of diameter. Inside, stand out the more of 20.000 blue tiles that decorate the dome. It is also remarkable the more than 200 stained glasses that allow light come in.

Topkapı Palace and Dolmabahçe: these 2 palace are the biggest reflection of the imperial era in the city.

Gülhane Park: this park is the perfect place to observe the rhythm of live and having a tea surrounded by trees.

Basilica Cistern: this curious construction of impressive dimensions is located in the subsoil of the city. Formerly, it served to provide water to the inhabitants of Istanbul, but nowadays it can be visited.

Grand Bazaar:
located just 200 meters from the hotel, it is one of the best known places in the city and in it you can find all kinds of products and crafts.


Archaeological Museum of Istanbul: inside of it visitants can see Egyptian, Sumerian and Acadian finds.

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts: in it visitors will discover more than 40.000 objects of different categories such as carpets, sarcophagi and some Coran versions and lecterns to read them.

Kariye Museum: located in a beautiful Byzantine church, contains many Christian-themed mosaics.

Turkish baths

The most important are the Hamam of Cemberlitas and Hamam of Suleymaniye where you will enjoy a relaxing moment with an exfoliant bath and a massage.